What is Faith?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 

Hebrews 11:1

It amazes how many people look at believers and say, “I don’t know how you have faith.” Most say they cannot have faith in a Creator or God because they cannot understand how it would take place. However, everyone believes in something! Everyday life is not possible without exercising belief, trust and dependance on something. 

How many of us flip a light switch expecting a light to come? How many of us get into our vehicle and turn a key, or now just push a button, and expect the motor to start and the car to function perfectly? How many of us have ever gotten on an airplane expecting this giant thing to get off the ground and fly us through the air to our destination? How many have ever gotten onto a cruise ship expecting to take a trip miles and miles out to sea without the boat sinking? How many of us travel through an intersection when the light is green, having faith everyone with the red light stopped? You see, we all have faith and trust these things will take place. Yet, how many of these things are we capable of explaining how they work?

Faith at the level of ordinary living is commonplace…but faith is also expected at a much higher level. After the early Christians learned about Christ, their faith was strengthened so they could remain faithful even during the difficult times. Their whole lives could be summed up in one statement, “a righteous person will live by faith”. The significance of faith cannot be overestimated and must never be underestimated…But what is faith?

Faith is believing something you were told is true. The conviction it’s the truth is often based on the source of the information being trustworthy. Trust is placed in the truth to the degree the believer begins to look forward with confident assurance of what is to take place prior to the occurrence. This faith perseveres even in the face of difficult and often life threatening circumstances.

Should we be tempted to embrace the culture’s concept “seeing is believing”? We should instead remember, much of our seeing is determined by our believing. When Jesus walked on the water, the disciples did not believe in people walking on water —but they did believe in ghosts. So what they believed determined what they saw. Believing was seeing. For faith is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.

No human was present at the beginning of creation — no one saw what happened. So speculation and scientific exploration continue to this day. However, the believer accepts by faith all things were created “ex-nihilo”…that is all created from nothing…as God spoke every single thing into existence. The believer’s life is about believing in all aspects of what Scripture teaches.

The question now becomes…Who and what you do you believe in…in other words, WHAT IS YOUR FAITH IN?



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