A Few Good Men

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all you do be done in love. (I Corinthians 16:13-14)
“We’re looking for a few good men” is the slogan of the United States Marine Corps and many men join this prestigious unit of the Armed Forces. It is not an easy task to be one of these few good men. The training is rigorous sometimes even brutal, however they make it through and we as Americans are thankful they do, just as we are thankful for all the branches of the armed forces. 
I am sure there have been times when they just wanted to pack it up and quit especially in basic training. I wonder what the reaction of their commander would be if they said, “we want to sleep in today” or “we don’t want to run this morning”? I bet their commander would say, “Well this is not optional”, along with some other phrases!
I think too often as Christian men, we take the Lord’s commands as something we deem as optional. As I look through scripture, I don’t read passages which say: “If you feel like telling them about Me”, “if you think about it, pray”, or “when you get a chance, help someone in need”. Instead, these all are commanded from our Commander the Lord Jesus Christ.
Is it always easy to do these things? No it’s not. Actually it can be difficult to do these things. There is never a convenient time, because there is always something else we could be doing. If we wait until we have time or until it is convenient, we will never carry out these commands. In fact, I am afraid this is where most of us are in our walk, we are waiting until we have time or it is convenient for our schedule.
Often we think someone else will do what needs to be done. We may think it’s not important for us to do what we are commanded to do because others are doing these things; I will help in some other way. However God has placed you where you are to accomplish His purpose. You are there to influence those around you for Christ. Someone else may not have the opportunity to show the love of Christ to those who are around you each and every day.
We have to understand we were not placed here on this earth to be the best husband, dad, son, worker, or anything else. We were placed here on this earth to glorify God. These other aspects come about as a result of being what God wants us to be but we can’t truly be the best at any of those things, if our main priority is not to glorify God. How can you be the best husband without loving your wife as Christ loved the Church? How can you be the best dad without being the spiritual leader of the home? The list goes on and on.
It only takes a “Few Good Men” willing to be obedient to God’s commands to change the community, city, state and then the country. After all God turned the world upside-down using just twelve who were sold out to Him completely. Those twelve were willing to carry out the commands they were given even though it wasn’t convenient for them. 
God doesn’t measure our success by any other standard than our obedience. How SUCCESSFUL are you? Be one of the FEW GOOD MEN God is looking for in the world today!    

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