Peace From A Promise

I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.” (Gen. 9:13, 17)
Remember as a child when you had a fear which you just did not think you would ever be able to overcome? Often the only thing which could bring comfort would be one or both parents making a promise everything would be okay. Typically once our parents promised things would be okay, we could settle the fear down because we believed they were in control of things
The purpose of God placing the rainbow in the sky was to be a reminder to Noah and his family everything was okay when the rains came. Can you imagine the anxiety, which would come upon Noah and his descendants every time rain began to fall from the sky, had God not made this covenant? If it were to rain all day, Noah’s wife and kids would be asking if he needed to call the animals and pack the Ark. However, instead of experiencing anxiety, Noah and his family could have peace in the promise God made to them while the drops of rain fell from Heaven. 
What do you think about when seeing a rainbow in the sky? Do you ever stop to think about these verses? Do you ever recognize it as a sign from all mighty God promising He will never again destroy the Earth by a flood? When we see a rainbow, it should be something special to us, a reminder that God is still in control. When we see a rainbow, we may appreciate its beauty, but rarely do we pause to think about it being a sign from God concerning one of His promises. 
We may even think to ourselves, this is not a sign from God; it is a prism, caused by the sun shinning through droplets of water. However we cannot forget it was God Himself who created the laws of nature. It was God who decided how gravity would work and how fast light would travel. It was God who decided the orbits of the planets and the constellations of the stars. It was also God who decided that sunshine through moisture would cause a huge prism to remind people of His promise.
The problem for a majority of people today is the false belief  we have gained enough knowledge to explain away the things of God and the rainbow is a perfect example. Maybe we should realize, we are only now gaining enough knowledge to truly understand why God put some of these things in place. Maybe we are just now gaining enough knowledge to understand how all of the laws of nature, which God created, work together in His universe.
Instead of our knowledge explaining away God, it only gives us a glimpse into just how incredibly awesome He is to design things so intricately. How arrogant have we become to think we have enough knowledge to explain away a sign of God’s promise? God says it is a sign HE placed in the sky, to remind HIS people of the covenant made with them.
The next time you see a rainbow, just pause to thank God for the signs He gives us everyday to remind us of His majesty and power. It will change our outlook about things when we appreciate His promises, instead of trying to explain them away. God has placed things throughout nature to be a reminder of His glory and we need to take time to appreciate them during our busy day. 
God is faithful to His promises, are you faithful to rest in them?  

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